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"Sometimes the hole you left hurts my heart so bad it cuts through the deepest parts of me and fills up my mouth with the words that cry how I'm still trying to stay inside"

Now & Then by Adele
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140319 Radio Star - Zico discussing the Thailand incident
- Kyuhyun: We heard that when news of you going on Radio Star came out, your members pleaded you to be careful of what you said.
- Zico: I rose up on the scale with my rapping by using my mouth but my mouth also caused me to crash downwards.
- Kyuhyun: The one who rose and fell with his mouth.
- Kim Gura: So were you the person behind the Thailand incident?
- Zico: Ah...yes, I did...
- Heo Jiwoong: What exactly did Zico do?
(MCs talking about how they should clarify for the viewers the exact incident)
- Zico: The most prominent case was the Thailand issue where we were young and they had asked for us to hold a fun interview. We weren't aware of what had happened in Thailand at the time but they had asked us a word of encouragement for what Thailand was going through and it was then that I had made a joke when I should have been serious. I really want to apologize for what happened and am reflecting over it; I always make sure to think of what I'm going to say before saying it.
- Kim Gura: We heard that to show your repentance, you shaved your head. Did you do it yourself?
- Zico: I did it out of my own will.
- Kim Gura: No, did you shave your head yourself was what I was asking.
- Zico: Since I didn't know how to do it myself, I went to the salon.
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140319 Radio Star - Zico's ending question
- Kyuhyun: To Zico, what's Radio Star?
- Zico: Radio Star is the stepping stone that I can take my leap from. For me, there are always some kind of case that arises while I'm in midst of promotion since our debut. It's already been 3 years since our debut and in gaining motivation from being a guest on Radio Star, I hope that this can be the flare for me to continually pursue and prove my music.
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140319 Radio Star - Zico's relation with Kim Gura and alcohol
- Kim Kukjin: As mentioned earlier, we heard you were close with Donghyun, Zico. Since he's (Kim Gura) your friend's father, introduce yourself.
- Zico: Hello, I'm Donghyun's friend Zico. I'm older than him though.
- Kim Gura: He really likes hip hop.
- Zico: His entirety is just hip hop. His status on his Kakao Talk is lyrics and his profile photo is a picture of Eminem rapping.
- Simon D: We can have him audition for our label (AOMG).
- Kim Gura: That's right, we have to raise him from the bottom up.
- Yoon Jongshin: He's calling you the lowest!
- Simon D: No we're not, we have Jaebum!
- Yoon Jongshin: We heard you were most worried about Kyuhyun of all the DJs, Zico. Do you have something you're hiding?
- Zico: I'm not really that worried but I feel like I should be careful since he's a fellow male idol group senior and maybe he might know something about me (in working in the same field).
- Kyuhyun: Of course I know things but as a fellow senior, I won't mention them.
- Heo Jiwoong: Seems like musicians are very promiscuous.
- Kyuhyun: Zico's really reliable since he doesn't drink or smoke.
- Zico: I've started drinking a little as of lately.
- Kim Gura: What do you drink? Tap beer?
- Zico: No, I like liquor. I recently drank expensive whiskey with Yong Junhyung hyung.
- Kyuhyun: I've noticed that juniors who start drinking at a later age start off with whiskey unlike us, we start off with soju.
- Zico: But when you drink soju, you get hungover a lot the next day. When I drank whiskey, I felt fine the next day.
- Yoon Jongshin: Seems like you hang around the financial district area (in drinking expensive liquor).
- Zico: Kyungki street?
- (T/N: Yoon Jongshin said financial district which is 경리단길 and Zico heard it wrong as 경기단길 which is Kyungki street)
- Simon D: Hongdae.
- Zico: I hang out around Hongdae or AOMG.
- Hong Jinho: The company's a bar?
- Kyuhyun: They have a lot of alcohol!
- Zico: AOMG is like a bridge for underground and mainstream rappers to hang out at.
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140319 Radio Star - Zico's full introduction
- Kim Kukjin: Now, Zico.
- Zico: Hello, I'm Zico, the leader of Block B who is trying to make something as of lately.
- Kim Gura: Ah, Zico.
- Kyuhyun: (Reference to shaving his head) Your hair grew out a lot.
- Zico: Ah...yes, my hair grew a lot and I dyed it also...
- Kim Gura: There's a lot of controversies surrounding Block B but they're close to Donghyun so I received a little tip from him yesterday saying, "Please take care of Zico hyung." Why are you requesting to my son? Anyway, he's really into hip hop lately so during free hours, he's writing lyrics.
- Heo Jiwoong: It's my first time hearing of Zico so I asked around to music critics I knew and they credited him highly. They said he was really skilled. But your name is Zico...is that short for GD Cosplay?
- [T/N: Z is pronounced the same as G in Korean; 지디 (GD) 코스플레이 (Cosplay) shortened to 지코]
- Zico: No, it doesn't stand for GD Cosplay. I studied abroad in Japan and noticed how girls would reference each other there. For example, Simon D hyung's real name is Jung Kiseok but they'd call him Kico so since my name is Jiho, I was called by Jico which I thought was cute.
- Heo Jiwoong: Judging by my remark, you sounded a little offended.
- Kyuhyun: Why are you covering it up now after you had already said it?
- Heo Jiwoong: No, really, I didn't mean any harm when I said it.
- Yoon Jongshin: Listening to your voice, you sound like you're a heavy smoker.
- Zico: No, I don't smoke and I never have before.
- Yoon Jongshin: Your voice seems nice to rap with.
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